Long Island Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Considering all the options when giving the kitchen a new face, countertops are the easiest and generally most affordable avenue to reach that goal. Without changing another solitary thing, it is amazing how different a kitchen can look with new counters. They can affect every other aspect of the aesthetic appeal in this central room, which many feel is the very heart of the castle.  Built Right Renovation understands that kitchen remodeling is an important investment. We provide  full service and custom design/build kitchen design solutions.

Different Types of Kitchen Countertops


In Latin, granite is called as granum, which means grain. Granite being a hard material will not make scratch or crack. Granite is available in hundreds of colors like white, browns, red, green, blue and black. Kitchen granite countertops can keep hot items like pots and pans. Kitchen granite countertops will add value to your home. It is affordable, beautiful, and the color of granite stone changes during the day due to the lighting situation. Another important thing that has to be kept on mind while selecting kitchen granite is the design factor. These have a mirror like image. It is maintenance free and can be cleaned very easily. For daily cleaning just wipe it with a soft cloth or paper towel.


Formica is made of laminate. This is the first choice for home builders, interior designers and housewives. Formica counterpart is not that durable when compared to other countertop. Different cleaning methods are used for different stains in Formica countertop. If you have light stains , clean the countertop using baking soda with soapy water, clean cloth, or paper towels. Tough stains can be cleaned if products like fantastic and 409 are used. Spills have to clean right away otherwise they will leave behind permanent stains. There are different edges in Formica countertop like solid surface, flat lay, wood and laminated bevel edges.


It is a popular brand of solid surface countertops. Corian is basically plastic, so their colors are not rich in tone. Certain colors which are available in marble, granite or Silverstone countertop cannot be found in Corian countertop. This countertop is not resistant to heat. So hot pots or pans cannot be kept on its surface. Corian countertop can be used in tub surrounds, shower stalls and other surfaces. These have nearly 10 year warranty. Marble countertop is mostly used for bathrooms. To create a luxurious bathroom the marble tiles on the floor is very necessary.


Marble is available in many colors, the most common ones being white, gray, green, and pink. Marble is mostly used in restaurant kitchens because it is highly heat resistant, so hot plates can be placed on it. Marble countertop is useful for people who do a lot of baking. Marble requires maintenance. Clean the spills quickly otherwise stains will be left over. The main advantage of marble countertop is its beauty. Marbles are also used for the sculptures of gods and goddesses.

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